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Cycle Six
27 year old Dj from a town of Lukavac, Bosnia & Herzegovina with a pseudonym Cycle Six, has started his carrier in the year of 2000 although he came in contact with electronic music much earlier. In his early days he spun mainly hard techno sound and in his dj sets the likes of Chris Liebing, Adam Bayer, Cari Lakebush, Rob Acid and many others were a regular part of the playlist.
Under the huge influence of Techno scene in Tuzla and Lukavac that was going on at 2002, he made his first steps into music production. The outcome of his dedication and hard work was a  EP release on Undercover Music from France  with a title „Master Piece". The record was first released in November of 2003 and then a re release followed in April of 2004. The EP did quite good and found it's place on playlists of djs like Gayle Sun, Eric Powel, Dj Rush and even had a good review from Mr. Laurent Garnier.
In August of 2006 a digital EP „Revival EP" was released on Fly Life Records from Holland with two original tracks and a remix of one track done by Dj Chipi. Couple of more releases have been released on Bosnian Label C- electronics, C-Electronics LTD and on CVM records.   
After a Dj gig on the first Loop Fest, in summer of 2004 Cycle six has organized together with Fobias Black Acid a series of events called Summer Dance. He also played at second edition of Loop Fest and was a part of the events organization crew.

From those times till today a lot has changed, in his sets sounds of funky disco vocal house could be heard in clubs where he played.

Lately he has gone back to a bit modified original sound of techno and thus making his sets mainly out of techno, minimal / tech tracks.

He says that techno is still deeply rooted in his heart.