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Born in Sarajevo, city of many cultures and religions that are habitating alongside together defines a lot about Adnan Pavlovic a.k.a. Ajnspric, even without reading next few lines...

He entered DJ world modestly, trying to explore various trance subgenres. It was hard to build DJ career in town such as Sarajevo where people have no understanding for underground music of any kind. Started DJ-ing seven years ago during his high school days, when he had heard PvD’s “Another Way”. Later he had evaluated his skills by mixing various tracks just for fun, spending hours and hours creating his technique. Once he was condemned, he started exploring ways of communication with the crowd. That is the very reason why communication makes his DJ technique so unique. “Fifty percent of that is just a proper feeling, and the other half is the way you communicate or animate the crowd”, he says.

The next important thing in his upcoming career was his engagement to bring trance sounds into his town by organizing many various event and projects. One of them, that he is really proud of, is The Project-Symbiosis (started in 2005), a special DJ/VJ project (done in collaboration with his friends, also VJ’s) whose task is to investigate different streams in electronic music, and also to promote very important connection between DJ&VJ. Two years ago first product of this special relationship was a multimedia CD “Village In The Night”. This melancholic one hour set, describes the present way of life in his hometown - Sarajevo, the lack of entertainment and cultural supply.

Ajnspric and the rest of The Project-Symbiosis crew started The Symbiosis Net Label, which will be later transoformed into fully functional digital label. Label goal is to help young DJ’s and producers to easily and naturally promote themselves. This is the largest operation that The Project-Symbiosis has ever started.

You can hear his sets very often on different radio stations, mostly on Radio 202, and at the start of 2006, VESTA radio from Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) made an enquiry for his first recorded radio contribution, now Ajnspric is doing his regular and well accepted show “Sound Of Sarajevo” promoting his distinctive sound and passion for sound explorations . As he is committed to his hometown, he plays on regular basis in most of all Sarajevo electronic: Bock (best known as FIS), AG and Dom Mladih/Youth House. Last year Ajnspric was selected to take part in Clubvibes Gathering under the Old Bridge in Mostar. “After I saw Old Bridge under beautiful night lights and over 1000 people in front of me in the early morning, I was relieved, I knew it is a great party. I’m looking to come this year as a DJ, or just one more dancer on the floor. It will be fun!” – remembers Ajnspric about last year magnificent event.

Recently he has finished his remix for well know Bosnian electronic artist Basheskia. “This is great for me, I’m one of the greatest Basheskia fans, and to have a chance for remixing, by my opinion the best track on their latest album, it’s simply crazy thing!” – finishes Ajnspric. Through summer of 2008, Ajnspric continues to work on his new production and preparations for upcoming gig in Split (Croatia) for very well know Silent Party franchise. At the end of summer, he will finally release Jammed EP on Symbiosis label after great support from Dj’s, producers and, of course, party people in Bosnia.

Great year continues as Ajnspric was introduced as one of few winners of DJ MAG Mix Competition done in collaboration with Paul van Dyk’s Vonyc Sessions Radio, that was presented in early August this year. His 60 minutes winning mix was introduced to the army of listeners all over the globe, by one simple moto: IMPRESSING – SMASHING – FRESH – EXTRAORDINARY – NEW.

“I was really happy when I have received notification that my mix is going to be in rotation on Vonyc Session. Suddenly I was in a big league, where few days ago my dreams were, it’s simply fantastic. I really hope this is not the end!”- Adnan explains about his latest major achievement.

It seems that his carrier is going forward, but he is standing ground firmly. His main goals to achieve are simple: keep on spreading Symbiosis idea, working on his label reputation, and of course DJ-ing & production, hopefully the rest will come.

Played on fetivals and places such as:  

SA - FIS/Bock,AG,Sa Club,Sloga,Dom Mladih; TZ – Dom Mladih; Mostar – Oxygen Club Vibes gathering open air; Bihac – Hollywood Club; Osijek/CRO – O2.

Played with dj's: Funk D' Void, Darren Price, Cycle Six, Weedran, Chipi ,Ymo17, Narcis Jr, Mika, Nihad Tule, Borgie

Brain@Work, Black Acid, Woody, Marko Felinger, Ivan Rajkovic, Greys, Aleksij...

Style: Trance, Progressive, Electronica

BOOKING FOR EUROPE: , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gigs 2008:

27.07.2008. Silent Party@Punta Beach Bar, Split, Croatia

08.08.2008. Dom Mladih with Funk D' Void, Sarajevo, BiH

29.08.2008. Publika, Sarajevo, BiH

10.10.2008. Dom Mladih with Darren Price, Underworld DJ Tour, Sarajevo, BiH 

08.11.2008. R1 Promo Party @ Dom Mladih, Tuzla, BiH

17.01.2009. Svako Dobro BiH @ AG, Sarajevo, BiH

Published for :


Live Recordings:

November Promo Mix


1. Intro
2. Marco V & Sander van Doorn - Organic (Bates 45 Remix) [In Charge]
3. Max Graham - Frozen (Original Mix) [Re*Brand]
4. Francis Davila - Fragile (Original Mix) [Vandit Digital]
5. Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood - Bird Flu (Original Mix) [In Charge]
6. Tyler Michaud - The Visitor (Original Mix) [White]
7. Smike & Leix - Guarantee (Tribal Mix) [Solar Recordings] vs. Timo Mass - Subtellite (Original Mix) [Cocoon]
8. Ajnspric - Knowledge (Original Mix) [Iron City]
9. Francis Davilla - Silent (Original Mix) [Vandit Digital]
10. Marc Marberg With Kyau & Albert - Orange Bill (Original Mix) [Euphonic]
11. Whos Who - Klack (Joris Voorn Remix) [Size ]
12. Paul van Dyk - Detournement (Jon Rundell Remix) [High Contrast]


10-10-2008 Ajnspric @ Dom Mladih, Sarajevo, Underworld DJ Tour


1. Arronax - Shadows Of Amn (Bh Electronix Edit)
2. James Zabiela - Human (Intro Mix)
3. Djuma Soundsystems & Flip - Jaded (Original Mix)
4. Marco V & Sander van Doorn - Organic (Original Mix)
5. Super 8 & DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin (Michael Cassette Remix)
6. Tracey Thorn - Grand Canyon (King Unique Dub)
7. Luminary - Amsterdam (Original Mix)
8. Paul Keeley - A Sort Of Homecoming (Michael Cassette Remix)
9. Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Sharp & Smooth Violin Mix)
10. Motu - Running Water (Visionare Remix)
11. Paul Harris & Mark Knight - Astral Acid (Original Mix)
12. Blank & Jones feat. Bernard Sumner - Miracle Cure (Progressive Mix)
13. David Show - Digital Prostitute (Flashbrothers Remix)
14. Nick Fiorucci feat. Kelly Malbasa - The Night (Chris Ortega Remix)
15. Louise La Roche - C' Est L' Heure (Original Mix)
16. ID
17. Francis Davila - Fragile (Original Mix)
18. Sasha - Mongoose (Guy J Remix)
19. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (Returning Mix)
20. Agnelli & Nelson - sleeping On Airports (Original Mix) vs. Super 8 vs. DJ Tab - Elektra (Original Mix)
21. Gabrie & Dresden feat. Molly Bancroft - One Step Closer (Dave Dresden Edit)
22. Moguai - Kick Out The Jams (Original Mix)
23. S Mike & Lex - Guarantee (Tech Mix)
24. Timo Maas - Der Schreiber (Original Mix)
25. Paul van Dyk - Step Right On (Ajnspric Rework)
26. Steve Mulder - Anema (Original Mix)
27. Mandy Reid - Century (Original Mix)
28. Andrea Doria - Beauty Of Silence (Inpetto Remix)
29. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
30. Kyau & Albert - Hide & Seek (Original Mix)
31. Nick Larson - FDV6 (Original Mix)
32.Sould in Motion - Rapid Eye Movement (Original Mix)
33. Giuseppe Ottaviani - No More Alone (Original Mix)
34. Paul van Dyk - In Circles (Alex Morph Remix) [Ajnspric Edit] vs. Underworld - Born Slippy (Original Mix)

Arronax – Floating Desire (Ajnspric Remix) [Symbiosis Label]

Dj Mile – Seltic (Ajnspric Remix) [Symbiosis Label]

G.edd – A Reason To Stay (Ajnspric Remix) [Symbiosis Label]

Jammed EP (end summer 2008)

Rmx for Basheskia – 1984 (dj ajnspric whisper rmx) end of 2008

G. Edd - Missing (Ajnspric Progressive Mix) [IronCity Recordings] December 2008



08.11.2008. R1 Promo Party @ Dom Mladih Tuzla, BiH




10-10-2008 Ajnspric @ Dom Mladih, Sarajevo, Underworld Dj Tour




08-08-2008 Ajnspric @ Dom Mladih, Sarajevo w/Funk D' Void (Part1)


08-08-2008 Ajnspric @ Dom Mladih, Sarajevo w/Funk D' Void (Part2)